Info on 1968 Bassman Silverface - buyer's remorse?

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1968 fender bassman amp free website templates travel Help or a link would be greatly appreciated. This illustration shows the gain stage mod, breaking out the area around tube positions V1 and V2 from a schematic drawing of an AA371 Bassman amp. Then. 1 Install the terminal strip in a comfortable location between tube positions V1 and V2. Be sure the screw and nut are very tight. This point will act as a ground connection. The Fender Bassman is a bass amplifier introduced by Fender during Initially intended to . the original silverface Bassman heads produced between and , except for the addition of a tailless ampal and an AC circuit. I had a guy in my studio with a bassman head . Here's a link to the Fender Amp Field Guide which will tell you a lot about the . Silverfaces from with the metal trim around the grill cloth are more than. Results 1 - 25 of Get the best deal for fender bassman amp from the largest online selection at Fender Bassman AB Tube Amp Head.

However, the first drip-edge models appeared in late August of 1967 as the black-face cosmetics were being replaced by silver-faced amps. The most popular amps, like the Deluxe Reverb, were the first to receive the new look, which included not only the silver face-plate and aluminum drip-edge, but also a slightly different grill cloth with added subtle vertical blue stripes. A few models during this early silverface period actually have the new silver face-plate and the old blackface style back-plate, and the earliest silver faceplates have the mysterious slim black vertical lines more on this later.

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Bassman 50 Silverface 1968.

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