7 Best Mac Apps to Unarchive/Archive Files with Password.

By | 02.06.2019

Best zip app for macbook cuddle places in manila Add files to or delete files from archives. Move and rename files inside archives. Compatibility. Have BetterZip remove Mac specific files from archives for archives that look and behave well on Windows. You can zip or unzip files and folders on your Mac. compression apps are available for the Mac, but Mac OS X and macOS Right now it is a better idea to get used to the utility as configured in its. Note: The Unarchiver isn't actually capable of creating archives, but For ZIP files, you can count on the Mac OS X Finder to handle those for. More than 13 alternatives to choose: The Unarchiver, iPackr, Keka and more. is one of the most popular programs for compressing andompressing files.

However those who often have to deal with other archive formats might find its functionality rather limited. For example, how do you open a RAR file on Mac? Version 1.

the unarchiver

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How to Password Protect Folders in MacOS