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Bioshock infinite baptism choice what does catfish mean on tinder User Info. e101gamma e101gamma 6 years ago 1 Okay, end game spoilers here.... I just beat the game, skimmed through some end game forums, and am still slightly confused. So, Booker is Comstock and he gave away his daughter for some reason? He wasn't Comstock, he didn't make the choices that made Comstock's world, Bioshock Infinite ENDING EXPLAINED!. a refund for BioShock Infinite after requesting one from Valve based forced to make a choice between committing extreme blasphemy by. IGN Editors Discuss the Ending of BioShock Infinite .. Because of this fact, the choice to accept the baptism creates a paradox, meaning it is.

Deny it, and you become Booker, our protagonist. The woman dies in childbirth. Booker owed gambling debts at the time, and a man, alternate universe Booker-as-Comstock, offers to wipe away the debt if Booker gives him Anna, who would be his biological heir — something he wanted so he would have somebody to rule over Columbia when he died.

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So you're probably wondering what happened at the end of BioShock Infinite, particularly the Sea of Doors portion after successfully defending the airship and destroying the siphon. This section of the wiki will attempt to explain the meaning of BioShock Infinite's ending. What happened at the end of BioShock Infinite?

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(PC) BIOSHOCK INFINITE: Elizabeth/Anna Ending (1080p)

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