Population Shift: Non-Hispanic Whites to Drop Below 60% of the Population by 2019

By | 02.06.2019

Caucasian vs white non-hispanic india west indies match com The battle over how to project the future population of the United States has profound political implications. Edsall contributes a weekly column from Washington, D. Two articles that appeared in the opinion section of The Times over the past few years made the case that misleading statistical artifacts used by the Census Bureau have increased the fear of a majority-minority America, a fear that played a crucial role in the 2016 election. This anxiety over the decline of white hegemony, in turn, helped propel a segment of conservative voters to cast ballots for Donald Trump. They argue that mixed-race Americans who identify as white are not always viewed — or accepted — as white by other Americans. White Hispanic and non-white Hispanic” are racil/ethnic/cultural profiling terms Should Hispanics be considered part of the Caucasian racial. Our study is based on a survey experiment on a sample of non-Hispanic whites in, when Trump was consolidating Republican. “What is White Hispanic? Fort Lauderdale shooters ethnicity sets Twitter abuzz,” noted the International Business Times.

The presentation of the data disturbed Kenneth Prewitt, a former Census Bureau director, who saw it while looking through a government report. The graphic made demographic change look like a zero-sum game that white Americans were losing, he thought, and could provoke a political backlash.

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Attorney, NBCNews. Yet even as the news broke that five people were killed and six others wounded, the social media universe had another, odd preoccupation. After early reports described the suspect, Esteban Santiago, 26, as a "white Hispanic," Twitter users and alt-right sites seemed to lose their collective minds.

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