Dating with Different Denominations

By | 25.05.2019

Dating different denominations dr oz recipes hibiscus tea Is it OK if my girlfriend and I come from different church denominations? I do have one rather significant reservation about the future of our relationship. We come from two different denominational backgrounds. There are several commonalities between the two, but they differ on some key ideas baptism, church structure, approach to corporate worship. Many families contain parents from different denominational After the initial question of faith in Jesus Christ, any dating couple with. Or what if we have different views on the end times? What about speaking in tongues? Can I date someone who 'quenches the Spirit' and. Can a Baptist date a Pentecostal? Can a Lutheran date a Presbyterian? The most important issue is whether both individuals know Jesus Christ as Savior.

Should Christians of different denominations marry?

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It is important for everyone to be willing to investigate their beliefs to determine whether the things that they believe are really true, especially with beliefs that are most important to us. I think the reason why many Christians lose their faith when they go off to college is that they had only been taught what to believe, not why to believe it, and they are unprepared to defend their beliefs when challenged. So I think it is important for you to be willing to investigate your own beliefs and choose to continue to be a Methodist because you have good reasons to think that it is the most correct denomination. Don't just look at non-denominational churches, but use this as an opportunity to investigate other denominations to learn why they believe certain things differently than you do, and try to determine as objectively as you can whether they have any merit.

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