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Foxy brown songs lyrics when a woman is in love with a man First off, where is she? Can someone tap her on the shoulder for a feature or an entire EP? It's almost sad to say, but when kids born after 1995 mention female rap, they usually only mention Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Remember I said kids after 1995. Foxy Brown lyrics - Find all lyrics for songs such as Letter To The Firm, My Life , at az - Song Lyrics & Soundtracks from A to Z Before she had released any material at all, Foxy Brown appeared on several platinum. "Oh Yeah" is the first single from Trinidadian American female hip-hop artist Foxy Brown's third Initially, it was released through the mixtape circuit in late with alternate lyrics- most notably on Foxy Brown's Best Of Foxy Brown mixtape in .

See it ain't no party like a Fox Brown party 'Cuz a Fox Brown party don't stop but them bottles a pop When Fox Five come through in the drop But chinchilla on my back, it's the King, the rap Catch us , up in Bungalow 8 Rollin' through in the cranberry SK8 And call the crew, tell 'em come to the crib I did my time, it's all water under the bridge I got knocked and it felt like a part of my life But I'm back home, I'ma party tonight Through the pool party since no one else is home All my friends happy for me, tell me "Welcome home" and Yeah, I know I got busted for a crime Now I'm tryna have fun to make up for lost times The world is mine, I'm so refocused But I'm back this time and I'm back to grind, so What you gonna do when you get out of jail? I'm gon' have some fun What do you consider fun? Fun, natural fun We drinkin' on the liquor 'til there ain't no more Tell me if you drinkin' with me We drinkin' on the liquor 'til there ain't no more Tell me if you drinkin' with me And, this is how it's 'sposed to be No police, all night, hopefully 'Cuz we got Armadale vodka too, I got One of my homies on the ones and twos and The food is bangin', the hate is gone Speakers blastin' the latest songs And all that time they had me alone Now I'm with my family, I'm happy I'm home and We two steppin' 'cuz it's back in style My friends laughin' and actin' wild See this type of thing happens all the time But you gotta get yours just like I'm gon' get mine Everythin' is fine with my friends I pack a whole place in For one day I forget the probation I won't stop 'til the party is done And see I'm gon' have some fun What you gonna do when you get out of jail?

Share on Facebook Brooklyn had never seen an emcee quite like Foxy Brown before her 1996 debut. The most obvious comparisons came quickly. For those who weren't paying close enough attention, the Brown Fox was a carbon copy of Lil' Kim. For those actually listening though, Foxy was distinctly different.

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