12th Annual Technology in Government

By | 22.05.2019

Govtech conference 2018 dates social network chat rooms Good morning to everybody, very delighted to be here to join you for this inaugural GovTech Stack Developer Conference. We have here more than 1,000 developers, designers, and product leaders from all over the world — both public and private sectors — present with us. It is the first time that we are having such a large gathering of the tech community in Singapore. Many of you would already be familiar with the Singapore Government, or have worked with us in some capacity, because this government was an early starter in adopting information technology IT. We were one of the first governments in the world to computerise, to digitise our data, and to move our services online. STACK Developer Conference. Parimal Aswani . Latest Events from GovTech Singapore. STACK Developer Conference. STACK Developer Conference. Govtech Join the information technology race if you want to win GovTech's 10th conference kicks off in Durban today with an opening keynote address.

Yusuf previously worked at Google, as well as in the venture capital and equities fields for international banks. After graduating he worked as a teacher in Japan before resuming his legal training and working in the City.

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Digitalizing Government in "Smart Nation" Singapore

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Conversation with Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada - The GovTech Summit 2018

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