Paradoxes of the Italian Political Crisis

By | 10.05.2019

Italian politics pdf chicago jewish singles meetup The electoral shifts have resulted in major dislocations. To begin with, the bourgeois parties—the Christian Democrats dc , the secular conservative Liberals pli and Social Democrats psdi , and to a lesser extent the Fascists msi —have all been thrown into crisis. The solid bourgeois majority that has governed Italy for the past thirty years—since the crushing defeat of the Popular Front in 1948—is no longer solid. The Left—Communists pci plus Socialists psi plus the revolutionary Left pdup, dp, etc —won 47 per cent of the vote. After seven years, this crisis has finally found a political outlet, has brought its weight to bear on the institutional equilibrium. On President Napolitano appointed Matteo Renzi to the office of President of the Council of Ministers (the correct title according to the Italian. Italian Domestic Politics: Constraint, Opportunity, or Scapegoat for the Country's European Policy? Paper for the ASPSA Conference, Boston THE issue of the 'quality' of liberal democracies is particularly pertinent to the Italian case because of the dramatic changes that have occurred in Italian politics .

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What to know about the political crisis in Italy

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EU elections: Lega projected to take largest share of Italian vote - Squawk Box Europe

Italy and Spain shake up EU political landscape with new leadership

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