The way I implement repository pattern in Laravel

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Laravel base repository dating a guy who likes anime Don't worry about making changes. You're working on your own version. Anything you change can be easily merged in by alirezarahmani. I use some kind of repository pattern as well in all my Laravel projects, I've got a BaseRepository with all my standard functions as following. I have a package that I use in almost all Laravel projects, I called it my toolkit. Amongst other things, it contains a base repository that I use for. Implementation of Repository Pattern in Laravel means separations of the multiple projects with base Repository abstractions and Eloquent.

The repository classes these developers built is, in my opinion, completely wrong. Here's the general algorithm that most of the developers use. Create a repository interface Create a base repository class that implements that interface This is usually abstract class Create a subclass or that base repository for each entity in your application Delegate various methods in your base class such as all , count , find ,... This is wrong on so many levels.

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Implementación del patrón repositorio (Repository Pattern) en Laravel

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