Care worker ‘spiked juice with laxatives then left it for dementia patients to drink’

By | 29.05.2019

Laxative spiked drink matchless for sale gumtree Campaigners in the city have devised ingenious tactics to keep century-old trees from the ax. She did so, she said, with an eye to buying time until fellow tree lovers could get there to help her stop the felling. The plan worked, at least for that day. A video purportedly showing the aftermath of a school prank in which a student spiked a batch of lemonade with laxatives was uploaded to the. pharmacist who spiked a co-worker's water bottle with a laxative to Abdulquader's water bottle, but said he never intended her to drink it. Shahan Mir allegedly slipped the laxative in the trainee's drink while she was serving a customer at the Boots store .

He didn't deny it. the evidence included texts he'd sent to his buddies, bragging about his plan to make her pay for what she'd said to him.

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Laxative-Spiked Brownies Distributed At School

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