Someone has taken over my account

By | 31.05.2019

Okcupid suspicious activity is jamie dornan married Messages should be respectful, appropriate, honest, and kind. We don't tolerate "negging" insulting statements disguised as "flirting" or other rude behavior. This expectation also includes interactions with OkCupid staff. People found to be sending harassing messages will be banned. Additionally, profile content itself should also be respectful and kind. A friend who recently started using OKCupid just forwarded me an email "Login instantly" is not new, but it's an unusual choice for a social. How Iide Who Gets Banned on OkCupid . life with wildly different jobs, tastes, and yes, vastly different standards of acceptable behavior. @okcupid hey OKC, can I get a reply already to emails about why account keeps getting locked out for "suspicious activity"?! Emailed multiple.

All passwords on OkCupid are encrypted and not even support staff can see what they are. Account takeovers like this generally happen because people have accessed your login information.

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