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Phoenix wright fanfiction phoenix dies tb in uterus in hindi By. ellerean Phoenix Wright was at the top of his game, the unbeatable rookie lawyer. But one by one, his clients began to die before coming to the stand. And all of mysterious heart attacks. The judge sat at his bench, staring at the thick, double doors as if willing them to open. Edgeworth comes back from Germany after Phoenix goes missing. "Name: Phoenix Wright Cause of Death: Suicide . Phoenix/Edgeworth anda, in response to a prompt on the kink at the orphanage, he had felt responsible for his father's death: later in life.

By. Arglefumph Apollo Justice is obsessed with learning about Phoenix Wright's past, but he never knew there was another person who is equally obsessed. a young woman named Pearl Fey. Together, they can learn the truth of what happened seven years ago. Maya cried when Pearl moved out.

By. ikuzonos There was no scream. It was quick. No time to hurt. Some people feel mercy, and in this case, he is one of those people. But you cannot forgive a killer, no matter how honourable they claim to be.

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By. Kyasarina Phoenix Wright had fallen off a burning bridge and was now apparently dead. However, this "Sissel" character seemed convinced that he could change the spiky-haired, blue-suited-lawyer's fate. Actual spoken dialogue is from "Bridge To The Turnabout".

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When the past and present combine, it makes a bittersweet memory. To many. I'm tired.