Parts of Bengaluru expected to receive light rain

By | 27.05.2019

Rain alert in bangalore california internet sales tax rate 2018 The city seems to have escaped the brunt of rainfall but its luck may run out soon as experts have predicted something similar to 2017. If we look back, in 2017, the rainfall in September and October had crossed its normal limits. Bengaluru received 383. The situation in the month of October was no less as it was 226. So, in total, there was an excess of 120 percent in September and 42 Percent in October. Current weather in Bangalore and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days. Amount of Rain, ", ", ", ", ", ", ". Bengaluru: Heavy rains, along with strong wind, lashed the city and suburbs of Bengaluru till the wee hours of Monday. Karnataka CM HD Kuaswamy said that rainfall could continue in the city for the next two days, according to the weather forecast. In a tweet on Monday evening. Bengaluru/Bangalore weather updates and status from a group of weather crazy #Bengaluru city falls in the RAIN-SHADOW ZONE of the western ghats during.

Click to Donate Full to the brim stormwater drain in Bengaluru. The centre has forecast heavy rain in the immediate future, and has intimated the same to BBMP.

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Tree Falls Onto Car After Heavy Wind And Rain In Bengaluru

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Heavy Rain In Around Bangalore & Many Parts Of Karnataka

Heavy Rain Batters Bangalore: Ground Report From Rain Affected Areas

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