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Rami malek height real monster prom characters guide He is also best known for portraying Freddie Mercury in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Malek has appeared as supporting actor in several other television series and movies including the Night at the Museum trilogy, The Pacific, The Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn-Part 2, and the dramatic film Short Term 12. However, Rami Malek slipped and fell off the stage while returning from the stage after delivering the Academy Award for Best Actor acceptance speech. Rami Malek's bio and a collection of facts like Bio, Net Worth, Movies, Wife, Age, Facts, Parents, Affair, Relationship, Height, Freddie Mercury.

The Egyptian-American actor is also notable for his role in the thriller Mr. Starting with the frequently asked, here are the things to know about this bloke. Who Is Rami Malek?

RBJ dwarfs him in their pic together. Editor Rob Downey is a guy we all know wears elevators, so he can look 5ft 9. Rami can look a couple of inches on someone like spike lee. Overall from what I've seen over the years, 5ft 7 on the nose is what I'd settle on for him. He kind of has to be under 5'7", even.

Rami Malek - Transformation From 8 To 37 Years old

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Why Rami Malek Has Always Had To Share His Birthday

Rami Malek Discusses His Freddie Mercury Transformation

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