14 Urban Dictionary Definitions That Will Make You Laugh A Lot More Than You Should

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Sfw meaning urban dictionary list of instagram dating page Discussion Reading this is like listening to the video of that lady who imitates the sound patterns of different languages, but without actually saying any real words! It's absolutely nothing like that. If this were reddit I'd downvote you. Is the fact that "as" was omitted from that sentence supposed to give us a hint as to what "SMFW" might mean? Looking for online definition of SFW or what SFW stands for? SFW is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and. Internet & Text Slang Dictionary - Terms starting with S Look up and define text slang & acronyms. missing slang? Add it to our dictionary. . sfw: safe for work . Aug Urban Dictionary defined "NSFW" back in , before the shorthand peaked in when it was added to.

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9 Urban Dictionary Words Every College Student Should Know

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