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Shot put ball size diego armando ace attorney The shot put The putting action is best described as shoving the shot , because the rules require that the arm may not extend behind the shoulders during the putting action. The spherical shot is made of metal. Women put a 4-kg 8. The shot, a metal ball , is put – not thrown The aim is to put it as far as possible from a seven-foot diameter ( m). women with a shot put ball basic equipment for shot put iron ball or brass ball The Olympic Shot Put for men and women are different in size and weight but.

Mike Rosenbaum is an award-winning sports writer covering various sports and events for more than 15 years. Updated May 24, 2019 Like many other modern Olympic events, the shot put was not a part of the original, ancient Greek Olympic games.

In the English language it is common to use the term "shot put" to refer to both the shot itself and to the throwing motion. Competitions and rules Competitors take their throw from inside a circle 7 feet 2. The distance thrown is measured from the inside of the circumference of the circle to where the shot lands at its nearest disturbance of the soil.

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