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By | 31.05.2019

Sober singles travel funny fibbage names I thought my social life would tank, my ability to have fun would be ruined, that I would always have an intense case of FOMO, and everything from that point forward would be utterly boring—including me. I was the quintessential party girl from the moment I began drinking in high school all the way to my mid-twenties. By that point, alcohol was no longer my solo substance of choice and was almost always accompanied by cocaine or some other kind of upper. My life consisted of VIP at the hot spots, free drinks from the bartenders, drug dealers on speed dial, and an all-access pass to the after-parties. Welcome to Sober Vacations International Est. we've been helping fellow steppers expand their comfort zone in safe and beautiful environments. Nondrinkers can enjoy any vacation, but these travel ideas might be more sober- friendly. Exotic Places & Fabulous Adventures await with Clean Getaway Travel.

That includes your travel experience. With this extra time and energy, I started finding out what it is I might like to do. Keep scrolling for 12 of their ideas.

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Sober vacations. Snowmobiling in Big Sky, Montana. Absolute Travel photos. Alcohol-free vacations trips for when you want to travel without temptation By Eleanor Harte In a culture where after-work happy hours, brunch mimosas and weekend nights at the bar are the norm when it comes to socializing and meeting people, being sober can be tough. It can feel very isolating, even though you know that logically there have to be others out there just like you.

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