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The departed cast scene career finder personality test At this point in my life, a freshman in high school, I had seen a decent amount of R rated films, but had never been affected by violence on such a personal level before. After watching the film, I found myself having trouble getting this particular moment of violence out of my head. Shortly after going undercover, Costigan ruthlessly beats up two members of the Italian mafia, breaking his own arm. A few days after, Costigan is sitting at a bar where Frank Costello approaches and asks for him to follow him to another room. The Departed is a American crime film directed bytin Scorsese and written by William . In the final scene, a rat is seen on Sullivan's window ledge. excellent cast, The Departed is a thoroughly engrossing gangster drama with the. See the cast of The Departed and get description and analysis of the characters and actors. The Departed, American crime film, released in , that was directed bytin Leonardo DiCio and Jack Nicholson in a scene from the film The.

NEXT Back at some corner store, Billy is having lunch while two Italian guys try to shake down the storeowner for money. Billy walks over to the register and tries to make small talk with the Italians.

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