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Yuki and zero relationship making out is not a sin Many people wonder if Kaname loves Yuki, does he? My answer is Yes, he does. However, ultimately his goal is much more important to him. It seems that his promise to the hooded woman, and to Haruka and Juuri is his priority. Ichiru and Zero, the curse with the twins, although not much is known about it, Kaname was surprised to find that hunters gave birth to twins, and saw their potential in exterminating vampires. This time, I'll be examining the parallels between Yuuki's relationship with Zero and her relationship with Kaname, as well as the contrast. Yume broke all the step that should exist in a relationship and this sex night is the proof. Yuuki and Zero were thinking about the moments between them, with. Both potential boyfriends for Yuki had unhealthy relationships with her,. about it Zero's entire relationship, with yuuki when they was younger.

As well as not wanted by vampire or hunter effectively ruining his life. Let us not forget every time Zero had a chance to make move on yuuki in the first half he restrained himself because of his level D nature which was bording on insanity. I understand you have your own opinion and you look at it solely from yuuki's point of view, but when you strip all the plot away and look at the underlines yuuki existence is what motivated Kaname to have Zero's family destroyed and manipulate him and at the same time act like a benevolent prince.

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Disclaimer. Due to the controversial nature of this post, I have tagged it as anti yume out of consideration for those who might take offense. With this warning out of the way, the rest of my post can be found behind the cut. I thought perhaps that the similarities came as a result of Hino trying to make a Yume-palatable Zeki, for the fans who were going to be forced to sit through a canonized Zeki that did get to live happily ever after, when their own pairing did not. Whereas before, there was a lot of grumbling about how their relationship was like that of siblings the irony in this argument was strong , now there were more people acknowledging that their relationship did have romantic connotations, even if they still personally preferred Yuuki with Kaname. Without getting into subtext just yet, I would argue that this is because only one person in the relationship is despaired, whereas with Kaname and Yuuki, both of them were unhappy for a variety of reasons, and therefore could not guide the other out of the darkness when they themselves were lost.

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