What are the best Evanna Lynch movies and TV shows?

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Evanna lynch movies and tv shows marriages in the 1950s Info Irish actress of the screen and stage, Evanna Lynch , knows a thing or two about the complexities of growing up. From her role in the Harry Potter films as Luna Lovegood to her time on stage in Disco Pigs at Irish Rep as Runt, Lynch has felt the deepest emotions of these characters as they navigate adolescence. Coming from across the pond, this special 20th anniversary revival has made Chelsea's Irish Repertory its home and gives US audiences the opportunity to celebrate the milestone - through March 4th only! Get now the Best Evanna Lynch movies and TV shows, including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, My Name Is Emily, Harry Addiction: A 60's Love Story is a crime-thriller film starring Ian Harding, Carol Kane, and Evanna Lynch. She played Luna Lovegood in the film and game adaptations of Harry Potter , Television, Dancing With the Stars, Herself. , Film, My Name Is Emily, Emily. , BBC Television Film, Danny and the Human Zoo, Bridget O'Riordan Drama Awards, Actress in a Lead Role - Film, My Name Is Emily, Nominated. Movies and TV shows starring Evanna Lynch, including mistakes, quotes, questions, trivia and more.

Celebrity News Like a kind of showbiz LinkedIn, it's both fun and vaguely dispiriting to check in with the graduates of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

We look at major characters from films and TV that have contributed to creating awareness about the condition. Who. Luna Lovegood Film. Harry Potter trilogy Played by. Evanna Lynch About. The eccentric Ravenclaw student and friend to titular character Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, is looked up to by those in the autism community for her various positive and empowering qualities. She is often portrayed as someone who notices what others might typically miss, pointing to a quality that a lot of people on the autism spectrum possess. attention to detail.

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