What does So lo SX. NSX, and HD mean on vietnamese products?

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Expiry date in vietnamese pof port lincoln Penalty for overstay Vietnam visa? What should I do? Posted on Friday Jul 13 2018 08.51. Category. Useful information Foreigners must pay for penalty amount applied for overstay Vietnam visa if the visa holders do not exit Vietnam or extend the visa by its validity. Hereby, we would like to.. "NSX" stands for "ngày sản xuất" which means "production date". or "HD" stands for "hạn sử dụng" or "hạn dùng", it means "expiration date". HSD is, as you said, “Han Su Dung” . k views · View 2 Upvoters · Answer requested by Jaylan Leigh. Need to translate "expiration date" to Vietnamese? Here are 2 ways to say it.

Single-entry and multiple-entry Vietnam visa By Kim Clara A visa is a mandatory document foreigners need to obtain in order to visit Vietnam.

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First published in 2014 Share This Articles on this site contain affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated if you buy a product or service after clicking them. Maybe not. A few minutes later, it did. With the flight landing around dinner time and after the usual hour of lining up for an arrival visa, my mind was set firmly on a cold beer and a steaming hot bowl of pho.

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