Tiffany Pollard’s Wiki: Net Worth, Husband, Brother, Married, House, Today

By | 06.07.2019

Tiffany pollard wiki yongguk leave bap Her parents are not married and she used surnames from both of her parents. She went to Thomas R. Proctor High School. As a child she always dreamed of becoming famous and acting was here first love. She competed for the heart of famous rapper Flavor Flav. Tiffany Pollard was born to Michelle Rothschild-Patterson and Alex Pollard on. A star in television personality and being an actress she is widely known for her VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York, Tiffany Pollard. The American reality TV star- Tiffany New York Pollard is famous mostly because of her participation in the VH1 TV show- “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York.

Image Source Reality TV shows are often marked by its controversial nature and even more its controversial stars. One of the Reality show personalities who is never weary of showing her face and living her life on screen is Tiffany Pollard also known by her nickname New York. Who is Tiffany Pollard?

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