Reflecting on the wreckage: Pensacola's Hunter Scott talks about USS Indianapolis discovery

By | 06.07.2019

Uss indianapolis captain exonerated mops speed friending questions When the USS Indianapolis sank in shark-infested waters, the navy unjustly held its captain responsible. The violent explosion ejected Captain Charles B. McVay III, 47, from his bunk in the emergency cabin just aft of the bridge. The heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis was struck by two Japanese For many families, the notification from the Indianapolis's captain brought a . legislation symbolically exonerating McVay into his personnel file. The Pensacola sailor who helped exonerate the captain of the USS Indianapolis says discovery of the ship's wreckage 'solves the last major. When theision was made inof to court-tial Captain effort was being made in the United States Congress to exonerate Captain McVay.

He died on October 25, 2000, at the age of 91, having spent the last years of his life as a Shinto priest in Kyoto, Japan. For reasons which will be explained, his death saddened many Indianapolis survivors. His path was to cross theirs again in years to come.

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