Zodiac signs – dates and meanings

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Cancer star sign dates 2018 who plays myron in glee Pinterest Read your sign's monthly horoscope to see what the universe has in store for you, or check out the Cancer personality profile. This is a big year for you, Cancer babe, so get ready for some epic transformations. Late 2018, generous Jupiter began cruising through your sixth house of health and wellness , and through December 2019, fortune will continue to smile on your commitment to self-care. Now, here's what else the stars predict for your career, love life, friendships, and opportunities in 2019. What 2019 Holds for Cancer Part of your journey may be scaling back the relentless ambition ever so slightly. What do the stars say for your Cancer horoscope? What does your Cancer horoscope have in store for your Sun sign? is your horoscope guide to the entire year, with the most important dates and opportunities spelled out. In , all things in lives of those born in the sign of Cancer needs to have substance and quality or it won't last very long, unsupportive of their path. To find out what the stars have in store for the Cancer zodiac sign in love, Late , generous Jupiter began cruising through your sixth house of . part of your identity, these are excellent dates to pursue that passion.

This very trait makes them quiet and controlled about their own feelings. The Crab will quickly withdraw and retreat to the safety of its shell than confront and come clean — whenever faced with a conflict or dilemma. Nonetheless, persistent determination is one of the greatest strengths of the strong Cancer-born.

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Even though you think some choices are bad for you, they could turn out to be rewarding over time and... Show initiative, as much as you wish to, and for matters that truly inspire... This is...

Check out our 2019 predictions for your sign or read up on your monthly horoscope right here. Astrology and astronomy were inextricably linked for thousands of years. Although these two fields have disentangled over time, the mystical teachings of the cosmos still guide us today. The study of astrology is expansive, complex, and transformative.

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Zodiac signs — dates and meanings Contents Interesting articles about zodiac signs Things to know about zodiac signs There are twelve different zodiac signs, each with a planet that relates to the sign. For example, Gemini are noted to be very lucky and friendly people, as well as being calm and collected. This is accredited with being ruled by Mercury. Likewise, Scorpio are noted to be very aggressive, both in their pursuits in live and in their sexual lives.