'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Comments on Wife and Daughter's Contributions to "Elseworlds"

By | 07.05.2019

Stephen amell wife 2018 slow minded person During the panel, Amell had to dance around spoilers, beg for some of his own, avoid talking about season seven, and reflect on his career. It was a lot funnier than it sounded. Naturally, things started off with Amell talking about the season finale in the most roundabout way possible in order to avoid spoilers. It was a majorly emotional day on the set for them both, especially since when Rickards cries, Amell sympathy cries with her. He also felt like it was his favorite moment, outside of the introduction between Oliver and Felicity in season one, with Emily on the show. Stephen Amell & Wife Cassandra Jean Head Out of the Chiltern Firehouse in London! stephen amell cassandra jean london Stephen Amell carries a unicorn backpack whileing with his Arrow event by his real wife Cassandra Jean and his television wife Emily. Not only is Arrow star Stephen Amell a superhot, talented actor, but he's also a ridiculously adorable dad. He and his wife, Cassandra Jean, welcomed their daughter, Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell, in, and since then, Stephen has shared more than a few cute moments with.

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Stephen Amell talking to his wife Cassandra Jean

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